At our ear, nose and throat practice you can expect optimum diagnosis and therapy expertise that covers the entire ENT subject spectrum – always with the most up-to-date medical findings.

We are an appointment-based practice. Please arrange your desired appointment time with us well in advance, which means three to four weeks in advance (Phone: +49 941 54730 or e-mail: Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!).

With acute illnesses or pain, you can also visit us on the same day during our consultation period. Do, however, always call us in advance.

Some examples of our service spectrum in diagnostics and therapy:


  • Diagnostics and therapy of benign and serious illnesses of the throat and the mouth
  • Diagnosis and therapy in the case of illnesses of the larynx, the jaw, the lymph nodes and the salivary gland
  • Sonography of the soft tissue of the throat (B-scan)
  • Diagnosis and therapy for snoring and sleep apnoea
  • Diagnosis of functional vocal problems


  • Diagnostic and therapy for acute and chronic nasal inflammations, nasal polyps
  • Clarification of obstructed nasal breathing
  • Outpatient minimally invasive endoscopic laser surgery of the nasal concha, the nasal septum and the paranasal sinuses under local anaesthesia
  • Inpatient operations on the nasal septum, the paranasal sinuses and rhinoplasties


  • Diagnosis and therapy of all acute and chronically inflamed changes, e.g. cholesteatoma
  • Diagnosis and therapy for hearing and balance problems
  • Tinnitus diagnosis
  • Intervention to improve hearing in the middle ear (tympanoplasties, operations on the stapes) in close cooperation with a clinic with a focus on ear surgery


  • All test methods (prick tests, provocation tests, laboratory tests)
  • All methods of hypersensitisation (SCIT and SLIT)
  • Prescription of anti-allergenic encasings for mite allergies


  • Diagnosis of childhood hardness of hearing, balance problems
  • Illnesses of the upper respiratory tract
  • Diagnosis and therapy (conservative and operative) of illnesses of the palatine tonsils and the throat (here, for example, the adenoids are the most frequent cause of chronic infections and middle-ear inflammation in childhood)
  • Diagnosis of vocal and speech disorders
  • Otoplasty for prominent ears

Expert opinions

  • preventative occupational examinations (acoustic certificate and all ENT certificates for insurance, employer's liability insurance and courts)


Dr. med. Erich Gahleitner
Dr. med. Katharina Dalles
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